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Discover a more streamlined approach to regulatory compliance with immediate access to a sample of our comprehensive GenAI optimised, machine-readable regulatory data.


What We Do

RegGenome gathers financial services-related regulatory documents from publishers around the world. Our technology aggregates and classifies those files across key regulatory themes to provide a single source of comprehensive, GenAI optimised regulation for compliance and legal professionals, and application developers.

With over 90% of regulatory notifications deemed irrelevant, the process of identifying and acquiring relevant regulatory data is both challenging and time-consuming.

At RegGenome, we provide a single source of comprehensive, GenAI optimised regulation, enabling you to prioritise regulation that is relevant to you and pinpoint specific obligations quickly and efficiently.

Designed for effortless integration into your digital infrastructure, we handle the acquisition of regulatory content at scale, saving you time and resources.

Watch our video below to discover how:

Key Benefits of our Data

We prioritise data acquisition and quality assurance, so you can navigate the ever-changing landscape of financial regulation efficiently and effectively with reliable, relevant data.

  • Up-to-Date Regulatory Content: Accelerate content acquisition, regulatory analysis, compliance, risk assessment and supervision, with global coverage and timely updates across themes, jurisdictions, and publishers.
  • Increased Relevancy: Our content is enriched with document and sub-document level metadata along with signposts, ensuring you can prioritise and engage only with content that is relevant to your needs.
  • Reliable Data: Rely on unaltered regulatory text as published by the regulator. Our data structure is built on a foundation of provenance, anchored to regulatory standards developed in conjunction with regulatory experts convened by the University of Cambridge. This allows our taxonomies to effectively bridge the gap between regulatory principles and machine-learning.
  • Data Control: Benefit from a comprehensive in-house regulatory data library, where data is maintained and governed within your own digital ecosystem, enhancing both security and compliance.

Data Sample Sign-up

Take the first step towards simplifying regulatory complexities with exclusive access to a sample of our regulatory data:

  • Demo with our Product Specialists: Schedule a demo with our product team to explore our sample data offerings. During the demo, we will discuss your preferences for the sample data package to ensure relevance and seamless access.
  • Instant Access to Data: Receive instant access to a sample of regulatory documents from your jurisdiction of choice. We will also provide an informative guide on what the data package consists of, how to use it and how to provide feedback.
  • Your Feedback Matters: We kindly request your valuable feedback on the sample data provided. Your input is crucial in refining our product to better serve you. You can conveniently submit your feedback using the contact information provided in your guide.

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