Henry Garner


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Henry leads RegGenome’s software engineering, data science and technical operations. He’s an experienced CTO, strategic advisor, technical team manager, and data science practitioner.

Henry left his own successful data science consultancy to pursue a role with RegGenome. His recent prior experience was at computational linguistics startup ELiT where he occupied both Head of Data Science and Technical Product Owner roles. Prior to that helped Cambridge University Press & Assessment with strategic planning and a solution design for machine learning interventions across key language learning products.

As a hands-on data science practitioner he’s worked in domains as diverse as insurance, sport, and local government: building statistical models for super yacht risk analyses, golf tournament betting odds, and Local Authority special educational needs forecasting. His prior CTO experience is from Likely, a social media data analytics company he co-founded and grew to 40 FTE over 3 years. Likely processed billions of data points from the social web to facilitate community management and social ad spend for large multinationals and government organisations, including the Britain is GREAT campaign during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Henry is a graduate from Oxford University. He has written the well-regarded book Clojure for Data Science which explains a variety of statistics and machine learning concepts to software engineers using functional programming paradigms.