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Working with us

Join a growing ecosystem of companies that develop RegGenome interoperable solutions and harness benefits for innovation and growth

Who is a RegGenome Partner?

Any organization that develops, interacts with, or provides services to compliance and risk functions can join the growing RegGenome Partner Network. There are multiple ways of engaging with RegGenome, as an application provider, a specialized solution provider or system integrator, a reseller, or a value-add advisory firm. The basic premise for the Partner Network is building a community that is enabled to focus on their unique value proposition and innovation, be it technological or industry, while regulatory information is provided as a service in a machine readable form primed for their offering.

A valuable partnership

RegGenome partners with industry leaders as well as niche players in order to develop a powerful ecosystem that provides end users best-in-class applications powered by best-in-class content. Partners help grow an ecosystem that furthers the goal of the Regulatory Genome Project, to drive towards regulatory convergence through the adoption of a common structure. Applications that ingest RegGenome content and represent it in a data structure consistent with the Cambridge Regulatory Genome as well as system integrators can be certified by RegGenome and participate in a program that includes, trainings, onboarding, and support. 

Partner Benefits

  • Efficient and Effective content integration – map once and establish automated process to your specific needs while at the same time the content is granular, dynamic, and always current to market trends and needs through end-user feedback
  • Interoperability – incorporating a content structure that is jurisdiction-agnostic ensure collaboration with other applications using RegGenome as a reference structure
  • RegGenome Certification – part of an ecosystem certified to speak and develop on RegGenome ‘language’
  • Commercial Partnership Development – a network which has the potential to become a means of powerful distribution

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