Webinar: Unlock the Power of LLMs with GenAI-Optimised Data

Discover how our GenAI-optimised data can elevate the performance of LLMs in redefining regulatory compliance and risk management. 

Thursday, 16th May | 2pm BST

Event Summary 

Join us as we explore how the strategic use of GenAI-optimised data can be used to enhance Large Language Models (LLMs) in redefining regulatory compliance and risk management. 

Discover how RegGenome regulatory data improves both the accuracy and efficiency of LLMs, paving the way for a future where regulatory compliance is not only streamlined, but also a key competitive advantage. 

This insightful session, hosted by our Chief Technology, Officer Henry Garner and Senior Data Scientist, Max Ashton-Lelliott, offers a unique opportunity for technology, compliance, and legal teams as well as application providers to delve into the transformative power of GenAI-optimised data in enhancing regulatory risk management, and driving operational excellence.

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday, 16th May
  • Time: 2pm BST
  • Duration: 30mins

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how RegGenome data can augment your adoption of LLMs to increase accuracy and efficiency.

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