Transforming how the world produces and
consumes regulatory Information

What is RegGenome?

Providing regulatory data as a service


The world’s financial systems could spiral out of control without regulation. Each financial crisis brings more checks and balances, yet keeping track has become a major challenge – for both the regulated, and the regulators.

This huge hive mind of regulation is critical to the global economy, but there is no clear path through it, making it a pressing concern for financial services firms.


Regulatory notifications in 2022
7x the volume of notifications in 2008


Compounded annual growth rate
in regulations over the last decade


Translating human-readable regulation into machine executable content.

Structuring and coding the DNA of financial regulation across the globe

Translating regulatory content to a common language used to power a dynamic and real time compliance ecosystem

Harnessing machines to do the reading, allowing humans to do the thinking

How RegGenome Works

Structuring regulation into machine readable code


RegGenome gathers financial regulatory documents from publishers across the world, building a single source of truth by aggregating regulation classifying them across different themes.

RegGenome makes documents machine-readable by annotating them with electronic tags indicating the types of requirements present in the text. These tags map to RegGenome information structures anchored to regulatory standards, produced in collaboration with Cambridge University.

This codifies the worlds regulatory information no matter where and how it is published, forming a repository which can be indexed and searched through RegGenome taxonomies, to identify relevant areas of regulation. 

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