Leading the Digital Transformation of Regulatory Solutions

The imbalance of regulatory turbulence to compliance capabilities is driving a need to invest in automation. High-quality, structured data is essential for the successful implementation and efficiency of these technologies. RegGenome’s AI-driven data powers your regulatory solutions to achieve compliance and operational excellence. 

Manage Regulatory Complexity with GenAI-Optimised Data

Digital transformation requires organisations to have efficient, automated processes to scale regulatory operations. Our repository of enriched regulatory data enables regulatory solutions to identify, interrogate, present, and manage large volumes of complex regulations across jurisdictions. Discover how relevant, reliable data can help you stay ahead in an evolving regulatory landscape. 

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Regulatory Technology is Only as Good as the Data That Powers It

As the only pure-play global regulatory data provider, we offer you the capability to operationalise a single, reliable regulatory data set within your infrastructure. Developed in partnership with the University of Cambridge and reviewed by regulators, we ensure you always have access to the data you need to efficiently manage regulatory obligations.

Ethical data principles ensure content lineage

Thematic classification ensures no rules are missed

Easy and flexible integration of untransformed data

Information structures developed by experts, reviewed by regulators

Dynamic coverage: 1000s regulators, 100s languages

Enriched machine-readable data optimised for LLM use


Manage the Ever-Changing Landscape of Regulation with RegGenome data

RegGenome aggregates and classifies complex, unstructured regulations into universal, actionable data. We deliver high-quality regulatory information to provide a single source of truth to power your regulatory solutions.

Content Repository

Access comprehensive, GenAI-optimised regulatory data, ready to integrate within your infrastructure, powering proprietary and third-party solutions.

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Content Retrieval

Cut through compliance complexity with access to curated datasets, tailored to meet your organisation’s specific requirements and operational needs.

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RG Navigator

Equip your organisation with the analytics service that empowers compliance leaders with strategic insights and global benchmarking.

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The Regulatory Genome Project

The Regulatory Genome Project (RGP) is a public-private initiative between the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, and RegGenome. It aims to engage regulatory bodies to build and review a set of open-access regulatory information structures, known as the Cambridge Regulatory Genome (CRG), make available a global repository of aggregated, structured regulatory data, and investigate the digitising of regulation.

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RegGenome, a University of Cambridge commercial spin-out, announces the launch of its GenAI-optimised regulatory data repository.



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