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Streamline Regulatory Workflow with GenAI-Optimised Data

10 May 2024

The dynamic nature of global regulations calls for digital solutions to navigate complexities efficiently. RegGenome’s GenAI-optimised data is designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of Large Language Models (LLMs), aligning with the increasing need for firms to adopt such technologies.   

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Building a Sustainable Approach to Compliance: The Convergence of LLMs and GenAI Data

29 April 2024

In today’s digital economy, where every aspect of business is being digitised, regulatory workflow remains a persistent manual challenge for institutions worldwide. The dynamic nature of global regulations means sustainable and efficient compliance practices have never been more critical.

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Whitepaper: Unlock the Power of LLMs with GenAI-Optimised Data

15 April 2024

As the regulatory landscape shifts at an unprecedented pace, the demand for innovative solutions is more critical than ever. Our latest whitepaper addresses this need, outlining the strategic use of GenAI-optimised data to enhance Large Language Models (LLMs) in redefining regulatory compliance and risk management. 

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Unlocking Regulatory Efficiency: The Power of Regulatory Data as a Service

09 February 2024

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving global business landscape, meticulous attention to regulatory compliance cannot be overstated. Since 2008, compliance costs have surged by 60%, with a remarkable 58% of this increase attributed to labor costs, growing at an annual rate of 31%. 

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