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RegGenome is a leader in the field of computational regulation, changing how the world produces and consumes regulatory information. As a regulatory data provider, we process the world’s regulation using AI to transform what is human-readable into machine-readable and machine-consumable data. 

Manage Regulatory Complexity with GenAI-Optimised Data

Digital transformation requires organisations to have efficient, automated processes to scale regulatory operations. Our repository of enriched regulatory data enables regulatory solutions to identify, interrogate, present, and manage large volumes of complex regulations across jurisdictions. Discover how relevant, reliable data can help you stay ahead in an evolving regulatory landscape.

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Transforming How the World Produces and Consumes Regulation

RegGenome is digitising regulation at source to democratise regulatory data. We are standardising how regulation is organised, presented, and consumed by transforming regulation as written today into machine-readable and consumable forms of data.

Founded in 2020

Born from the Regulatory Genome Project at the University of Cambridge

1000+ publishers, 100+ jurisdictions

Our content coverage is global

10 Countries

We’re growing fast with employees based in Europe, Asia, and Africa


The Global Provider of Computational Regulation

RegGenome is operating a common infrastructure of codified regulation in a world where real-time regulatory transactions are the norm.

Meet the team

Bob Wardrop


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Bob led the spin-out of Regulatory Genome Development Ltd (RegGenome) from the University, with extensive experience in venture development and regulatory innovation to his role as CEO. He is a Management Professor of Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, where he co-founded the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, leading it to become a globally-recognised authority on the impact of fintech on financial markets. Bob developed its flagship Cambridge Fintech & Regulatory Innovation programme, training over 1,300 regulators and policy makers from 300 organisations in 140 countries since 2019. Bob holds a PhD from Cambridge, MBA from Chicago Booth, MSc from LSE, and BCom from Queens University.

Mark Johnson


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Mark leads Operations for RGDL. He brings a wealth of experience into that role from his time leading complex global research, development, strategy and operational functions in FTSE 100 companies, high growth start-ups, and non-for-profit organisations. Mark previously held the role of COO at Cambridge Assessment, an Educational Services department of the University of Cambridge, where he was Chairman of the Board and Executive Director for a machine learning and computational linguistics-based startup (ELiT) and on the board of a machine learning research institute and several international businesses. Mark is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Emmanuel Schizas

Head of Taxonomy Development

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Manos leads RegGenome’s regulatory analyst and content rights teams, which account for the bulk of RegGenome’s regulatory subject matter expertise. Analysts collaborate with the University and external experts to build the Cambridge Regulatory Genome taxonomies and training datasets. The content rights team ensures appropriate use of third-party content. Manos is part of the original founding team of RGDL and was previously Lead in Regulation and RegTech at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, where the Regulatory Genome Project was incubated. Manos holds an MSc from the London School of Economics, and an MSc and BA from Athens University of Economics and Business.

Shruti Kumar

Director- Finance & Commercial Operations

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Shruti Kumar is a graduate of the University of Cambridge class of 2020, holding an MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School. Prior to her MBA she spent six years at Deloitte, her most recent role as a financial advisor in Mergers & Acquisitions-Transaction services, working on several cross-border transactions and deals primarily within the tech sector. Since completing her MBA she has been engaged with Regulatory Genome Development Limited, helping to build the business model, financial plan and supporting on investment and fund-raising activities. Shruti also holds a B.com (Finance and Accounting) and is a Chartered Accountant.

Johnny Scurr

Head Of Product

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With seven years of product experience prior to joining Re-Genome in 2023, Jonny has honed his expertise in a diverse range of digital products across different sectors, including Recruitment, Digital Marketplaces, Video, and most recently Regulation technology. Jonny has specialised in bringing innovative digital products to market and scaling solutions through market and opportunity analysis and product-led growth. Jonny is a graduate of the University of Warwick, earning his degree in 2015.

Hussen Raza

Head of Global Partnerships

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Hussen is responsible for forging and maintaining strategic partnerships that drive the company’s global growth and innovation. His deep understanding of the tech industry and strong network of professional relationships have been pivotal in advancing RegGenome’s mission. Bringing over 20 years of experience in various partnership and sales roles within the technology sector, Hussen has demonstrated exceptional expertise and leadership, working with renowned companies such as Oracle, SAP, and OneTrust.

Hussen holds the Global Regulatory Compliance Professional (GRCP) qualification, underscoring his commitment to excellence and continuous professional development in regulatory compliance and governance.

Sarah Martin

Head of Business & People Operations

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Sarah Martin is the driving force behind our commitment to operational excellence and the cultivation of a dynamic company culture. With a proven track record and extensive experience across various industries, Sarah brings a unique blend of expertise to her role as Head of Business and People Operations. As a results-oriented professional, Sarah excels in strategic planning, change management, and program development. Her journey with our company began in in July 2021, and since then, she has continuously demonstrated her dedication to driving innovation, streamlining processes, and empowering our employees to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Paula Buttery

Chief Scientist

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Paula Buttery is a Professor of Machine Learning and Language in the Natural Language & Information Processing Group at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge. She is the Co-Director of Cambridge Language Science Interdisciplinary Research Centre and the Lead Scientific Advisor for Cambridge University Press & Assessment. Paula is also part of iLexIR, a consultancy company developing text processing tools with Natural Language Processing technology. Paula has a PhD in Computational Science and is a Fellow at Gonville and Caius College.

Mary Macauley

Marketing and Communications Manager

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Mary Macauley brings a wealth of experience in providing support across diverse sectors. With a background spanning financial investment, property wealth management, executive search, and education, Mary has honed her skills in navigating various industries. Her role at RegGenome involves driving brand awareness and market growth through strategic digital marketing initiatives, comprehensive communications strategies, and engaging content creation. Mary’s multifaceted expertise enables her to effectively tailor marketing efforts to the specific needs and dynamics of RegGenome.

Mark Gemmell

Head of Engineering

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Mark Gemmell has over 30 years of experience in the software industry and more than 20 years of managing software teams. Throughout his career, he has delivered mission-critical software and SaaS products. Mark has successfully built and managed engineering teams of over 100 members, focusing on creating quality engineering cultures through mentoring and support, process improvements, vision building, and fostering positive attitudes.

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