Streamline Regulatory Workflow with GenAI-Optimised Data

The Evolution of Regulatory Compliance 

Traditionally, regulatory workflows have been a manual, labour-intensive and time-consuming process. Firms are allocating ever increasing amounts of human and financial resource to stay on top of regulation and manage regulatory risk.   However, the rapid evolution of new areas of regulation and the pace of regulatory change, combined with the continuous need for firms to expand and remain competitive has magnified the challenges of managing regulatory workflows, making traditional approaches increasingly difficult to sustain. 

The emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs), with their advanced natural language processing capabilities, presents a new opportunity to manage regulatory complexities. LLMs could transform the approach to regulatory research and change management among other areas. However, the practical challenges of adopting LLMs within an enterprise means that they need to be augmented with relevant structured data. 

GenAI-Optimised Data: A Transformative Solution 

RegGenome’s GenAI-optimised data provides a robust solution by structuring regulatory data into a machine-readable format. By enriching source regulatory documents with descriptive and inferential metadata, RegGenome equips LLMs with the essential data needed to deliver relevant, accurate, and efficient responses to queries. This structured approach not only accelerates the identification of pertinent regulations but also minimises the time and expense involved in querying an LLM, significantly reducing the risk of errors. 

Benefits of adopting RegGenome’s GenAI-optimised data include: 

  • Reduced Processing Times: Leveraging structured data allows LLMs to be fed only relevant information, drastically cutting down on the time required for regulatory research and analysis.
  • Decreased Risk of Errors: The precision of GenAI-optimised data minimises the chances of oversight or misinterpretation, key factors in ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties. Our data also provides lineage to source regulatory document, citations and relevant page. 
  • Operational Cost Savings: Feeding LLMs with only relevant information drastically reduces the amount of tokens (up to 94%) needed to complete a query, which enables the implementation of LLMs at scale within an enterprise. By automating and refining regulatory workflow processes, institutions can reallocate resources more effectively, reducing the financial burden associated with manual tasks. 

Modernising Data Infrastructure 

As firms continue to embrace LLM adoption, the integration of RegGenome’s GenAI data into their digital infrastructure is an obvious choice. This integration not only enhances the capabilities of existing systems, but also lays the foundation for a more adaptive, resilient regulatory solution. By leveraging GenAI-optimised data, organisations can ensure that their regulatory processes are not only efficient but also scalable – ready to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Empowering Automation with RegGenome Data 

RegGenome’s GenAI-optimised data provides institutions with the data they need to operationalise a single regulatory dataset within their own infrastructure or via an API to power both proprietary and 3rd party solutions. 
As the landscape of regulation continues to evolve, the importance of adopting advanced, data-driven solutions becomes increasingly clear. RegGenome is on a mission to change the way the world produces and consumes regulatory information, offering a path that is future proof and more efficient, reliable and cost-effective today.  

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