Relevant Regulation, Reliably

RegGenome Content

A single source of relevant financial regulation for any specific task, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your regulatory obligations for any given jurisdiction and the implications of new regulatory initiatives.

Our focus is on content and quality, enabling you to focus on what matters most.

Effortlessly access regulatory content by jurisdiction, publisher, theme, or initiative, helping you to pinpoint the most pertinent regulations to streamline policy development and auditing workflows

Monitor compliance of recent initiatives and effortlessly identify all relevant regulatory content across operations and activities.

Benefit from relevant context through our digital overlay, offering a comprehensive view of regulatory landscapes and a granular signposting to regulatory obligations within documents that relate to your business.

What’s behind our Data


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Guided by ethical data acquisition principles, we meticulously capture the origins of and updates to regulatory content, offering assurance on the lineage of the content sourced, and the untransformed regulatory text

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Our data structures are anchored to regulatory standards developed in conjunction with regulatory experts convened by the University of Cambridge

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Whether users seek documents from a particular jurisdiction or wish to explore granular areas of regulation, we’ll ensure a full set of all the regulatory documents relevant to every case

Product Attributes

RegGenome content is a data set of rich regulatory documents, associated document & subdocument metadata. The documents are untransformed copies of the original document as published on a regulator’s website.

Document metadata captures information that describes each document (such as publisher name, title, and effective date)

Sub-document metadata can point to pages and sections within documents with relevant regulatory obligations

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